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Identity Theft Los Angeles – Penal Code Section 530

In today’s society with computers and so many different social media accounts, people have been able to utilize sophisticated means in order to steal other people’s information for financial gain.  Identity theft in Los Angeles is an ever-growing crime that prosecutors and judges are looking to stamp out.  It is a very political issue when it comes to identity theft and if you’re charged with this offense, you’re going to need an attorney who can turn the tide in your favor.  One big thing that I’ve been able to do over the course of the past twenty-five years in criminal cases, and specifically, with identity theft cases, is to be able to show the other side of the story – my client’s side of the story.  Your version a lot of times is not gotten across to the prosecutors and judge because the police many times do a one-sided investigation when it comes to identity theft-related offenses.

If you’re charged with identity theft in Los Angeles county, your best strategy is to hire an attorney who’s been down this road before who has successfully defended individuals charged with these types of sophisticated theft-related offenses.  There are many different strategies that can be employed in order to defend a identity theft related offense and to be able to negotiate with the prosecutors to try to resolve the matter.  As far as defending identity theft-related offenses, obviously each case spins on its own factual scenario and there’s no cookie-cutter defense to an identity theft- related case.  In order to properly defend the case, the attorney must meet with the client, go over all the facts and details and then come up with a game plan to attack and dissect the prosecutor’s case.  If on the other hand, the prosecutors have the evidence to prove an identity theft charge against you, then obviously damage control is necessary to try and save your rights, your reputation, your freedom and to get you out of the justice system as soon as possible.  In order to do damage control, we need to get character letters and we need to get information that shows that this behavior is an aberration that will never happen again.

Another big thing in an identity theft case in order to turn the tide and get the matter resolved and possibly avoid prison or jail time, would be to attempt to put the victim in the place they were before the identity theft occurred.  In other words, pay back the losses and figure out how to put them in a position where their reputation is not tarnished and they are not out money.  This is up to your attorney to come up with a game plan, but it helps get this accomplished and shows the prosecutors that you are serious about making things right.


What are some Defenses to Identity Theft in Los Angeles, California

Many different defenses are available when it comes to a identity theft case depending on the facts and totality of the circumstances.  Many times, the prosecutors are unable to prove that the particular defendant they’ve targeted was actually the one that caused the person’s identity to be stolen and caused the loss that’s being attributed to the identity theft.  So, the prosecutors are going to need evidence and if they don’t have it and they’re just relying on speculation and conjecture, then that’s where a good criminal defense attorney comes in and will carve their case apart.  What I like to do is have you come into the office and sit down and go over everything.  You let me know where your case is pending so I can tell you the tendencies of the judge and prosecutors in that particular court, and obviously I need you to give me all the details – not omitting anything and not putting a spin – so that I can really get down to the nuts and bolts and decide whether or not you have a case that can be defended.

No matter what the situation, we need to come to a meeting of the minds right from the beginning on exactly how we’re going to defend your case.  Is it going to be a defense through investigation and trying to beat the prosecutors and show that you’re not guilty?  Or is it going to be a defense through gathering mitigating circumstances and helping figure out how we can get the victim back to the position they were in before the case.  Regardless of the defense, once you know what you have to do to help me and I know what I have to do to execute the best plan, then were in the best position to get your identity theft matter behind you, get you out of the court system as fast as possible and protect your life and interest moving forward into the future.

Each count of identity theft is a felony and carries a punishment of 3 years of state prison, restitution to the victim, substantial court costs and fines, parole or probation, and potentially a loss of your job.information of another.

In summary, common identity theft charges include bank fraud, credit card fraud, using stolen checks, internet fraud, social security/medicare fraud, employment fraud, bankruptcy fraud, identity fraud to name a few.

To prove that the defendant is guilty of this crime, the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that:

1. The defendant willfully obtained someone else’s personal identifying information;
2. The defendant willfully used that information for any unlawful purpose;
3. The defendant used the information without the consent of the person whose identifying information they were using

As dedicated Los Angeles identity theft attorney’s we will diligently work on your behalf insuring a victory for you and your case.  At the Hedding Law Firm we offer a free consultation to potential clients throughout the state of California. Contact an  identity theft lawyer at the Hedding Law Firm immediately to take the next steps necessary to protect your freedom.

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