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The Geezer Bandit or Just Another Bank Robber

They found the Geezer Bandit, or so they thought. One may think, how many 70 year old bank robbers are out there; apparently more than one.

On Monday May 13, 2013, Dale Jenkins, 78 years old, was arrested on suspicion of bank robbery. The arrest occurred minutes after he left a San Diego bank rolling a suitcase on wheels.

The reason police are not connecting Jenkins to the Geezer Bandit because according to descriptions, the Geezer Bandit is younger and wear a theatrical mask and make up.

Being convicted of a robbery can result in anywhere from 2 to 10 years in prison and no person wants to spend that much time incarcerated let alone a 78 year old man.

At the Hedding Law Firm we know how to approach such cases and are goal is to either have the charges dismissed due to lack of evidence or illegal procedures taken by law enforcement or minimize the charges as much as we can.

We understand someone like Jenkins is not necessarily a criminal and may have resorted to a criminal activity due to life circumstances. We listen to our clients and do everything we can to have situations similar to this be put behind them.

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