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Man Sentenced to 7 Years For Identity Theft Scheme

A 36-year-old parolee who went on shopping sprees on Rodeo Drive and Century City, charging thousands of dollars on credit cards obtained through identity theft, was sentenced Monday to more than seven years in prison.

Sedrick Bagby, 36, pleaded guilty in June to a count of conspiracy to commit bank fraud for his role in a scheme that allegedly produced about 30 credit cards from mostly elderly victims and used them to pay for hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of Rolex watches, jewelry and electronics.

Bagby’s shopping sprees at Rodeo Drive came to a halt when his unsophisticated scheme was brought forth into the light.

The scheme was originally led by Doren Harold Ward, who was convicted at a jury trial of six felony counts.

Ward would recruit people in the United Kingdom to call posing as card account holders, under the belief that they were on vacation, and ask that a replacement card be sent to Southern California.

Late July, Bagby had signed onto Ward’s scheme and began making purchases with a bogus ID and stolen credit cards charging thousands of dollars.

In arguing his case, Bagby’s attorney contended that due to the unsophisticated nature of the scheme and due to the fact the Ward was the ring leader, Bagby should receive a lighter sentence.

The judge sentenced Bagby to 7 years in prison and ordered him $288,000 restitution.

Bagby was just released from custody in March 2011 being convicted for a case involving fake driver license which he used to purchase items from Gucci, D&G and Prada before he was eventually arrested at a Neiman Marcus store.

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