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Burglars With No Getaway Car

Three men burglarized a home but forgot the most important tool to a burglary – the getaway car!

On Labor Day afternoon, after someone reported three men carrying duffel bags, looking suspicious, the police arrived and spotted the three men waiting at a bus stop.

The “burglars” saw the police and fled immediately causing a chase around the neighborhood.

The three men were caught is less than an hour. The third suspect was found with injuries to his hand as he was trying to climb over a barbed wired fence. These men apparently were not the smartest criminals.

The police found the home that had been burglarized by the three men and returned all the stolen property.

Now, these three men will face multiple charges such as burglary.

The theft crime of burglary is an offense that is divided into degrees; first and second. First degree burglary is when the crime occurs in an inhabited house or building; all others is second degree.

The penalties vary but can result in prison and as criminal defense attorneys we are trained to do everything we can to prevent that from happening.

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