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Bartender Loses $178,000 Tip Money To a Burglar

To work so hard in saving money and have someone come burglarize your home and steal the money can be devastating to a family.

A San Pedro bartender who has been bartending for over 24 years had saved up all his tips in a safe at his home all for the benefit of his three children.

When the victim returned home from dropping off his son at his high school on the morning of Wednesday June 6, 2013, he noticed that the rear window of his home had been forced open.

When he walked into his home, he saw that the dresser and closet were open and his safe was missing. The safe contained all of his tip money over the past 24 years which amounted to $178,000. The money was $100 and $2 bills and the victim stated that as a Hispanic man he did not like to put all his money in the bank.

The victim told the police that he never once took a vacation and worked every opportunity he got, including holidays, all because he wanted to help make a better life for his 3 children.

He was saving to help pay for his teen son’s college tuition and to help his two adult sons buy their own homes.

The police do not have any solid leads as of yet but the neighbor’s surveillance camera caught a glimpse of the alleged suspect and his car.

If and when the suspect is found and arrested he is likely to face burglary charges, more specifically, residential burglary charges.

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